Fusion 2012: Going All XP On Your Business

FusionMy presentation from Fusion 2012 called “Going All XP On Your Business” is available on Slideshare.

When XP and Scrum were devised over 10 years ago, they were created to improve the delivery of software development projects. As many enterprises have matured in the Agile adoption, many of the business users on IT projects are now attempting to use Agile approaches on their own non-IT projects.

In this session we will cover using Agile in a non-IT environment and demonstrate how the original XP practices map extremely well over to business processes. And how those in SD can help your business counterparts.

Throughout the talk I will be referencing back to specific examples and case studies that we have experienced
in our organisation as we have rolled out agile processes across the enterprise. We’ll look at:

  • Agile values for non-software development, including an updated look at the agile manifesto.
  • Agile principles and why they make good business sense.
  • Agile practices (such as TDD, standups, retrospectives, storycard elaboration and acceptance criteria
    and planning approaches) and how to adapt them effectively into a business process (using case
    studies as specific examples).
  • Mapping the XP, Scrum and Kanban practices to work in a business context.
  • Agile vs Kanban and how to decide when which is most appropriate.
  • What a business storycard looks like and why the elaboration and acceptance criteria are important.
  • Project delivery and how iterative delivery applies (and what delivery looks like in a non-software development project).

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