Episode 18: Scrum vs Kanban War

The Agile Revolution Podcast

TanksBreaking out from our normal format Craig, Tony and Renee talk about the recent flurry of tweets from the Scrum and Kanban communities.

It all started with Jeff Sutherland and his tweet and blog cross reference: Deep analysis of #kanban by Jim Coplien

The twitter feed that was captured by us (and hence is not a comprehensive feed on the subject and contains some leetspeak cleanup) includes:

David Anderson (@agilemanager):

Interesting FUD Jeff, I thought you were more professional than this?    

Jim’s post on Jeff’s blog contains lies which fly in the face of the well documented evidence with teams around the world   

Jeff and Jim, I challenge you to produce the evidence to backup claims like…   

“Kanban (the methodology) discourages teamwork and increases the risk of not completing agreed work”   

I often wonder how people without integrity go through life and live…

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