Business Agility Wellington (WellyBAM) – Public Sector Agility Accelerator

WellyBAMMy talk with Julian Smith (no relation) from WellyBAM called “Public Sector Agility Accelerator” is available on Slideshare.

Today ‘agile’ is no longer just a buzzword. From building spacecraft to manufacturing, some of the most complex and largest organisations in the world are using agile ways of working to deliver better outcomes, respond to change, improve quality, foster more productive and happier teams, and reduce risk.

This hands-on and interactive session is aimed at showing how public sector organisations can support agile ways of working, from policy development through to service design and delivery.

Presenters, Craig Smith an Enterprise Agile Coach and Consultant from SoftEd, and Julian Smith, Head of Agile Practice for Australia’s Digital Transformation Agency, will provide an interesting and informative view of how agility can be applied in the public sector and will introduce the Government Agility Model, a framework that you can use to assess where to apply agility in your agency.

Craig is based in Australia and works extensively with the Australian Public sector and as a member of the Agile Alliance Board of Directors, brings a global perspective.

Julian is a digital leader and entrepreneur who specialises in public sector agility. He is experienced in lean-agile policy development, digital transformation, user-centred design and digital technology.

This will be an interactive session, so please be prepared to share your own experiences as well as introducing and encouraging anyone that wants to bring agility to their department or agency to attend the session.

Many thanks to Andy Cooper for inviting myself and Julian to present this session.


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