Agile Australia 2011: The Speed to Cool – Valuing Testing & Quality in Agile Teams

Agile Australia 2011My presentation from Agile Australia 2011 called “The Speed to Cool – Valuing Testing & Quality in Agile Teams” is available on SlideShare.

Ensuring that the approach to testing and quality is understood and appropriately valued in an Agile world can be a struggle for many organisations, especially when resources are limited and our customers are expecting business value in a timely manner. In this session Craig Smith will define what quality means, share a number of tools for measuring it as well as discussing approaches to improving the skills, empowerment and role of testing in the organisation and share why testing is the coolest role on the team and why it is everyone’s responsibility.

Some of the comments on Twitter included:

@AgileAcademy: Good luck today with your presentation at 11.30am on The Speed to Cool: Valuing testing and quality in Agile teams @smithcdau #agileaus

@vivierose: Waiting for room to fill at @smithcdau was standing room only last year! #agileaus

@adrianlsmith: #agileaus @smithcdau Software is a crime – Testers are detectives

@vivierose: Testers think ‘Everything is guilty until proven innocent’ @smithcdau #agileaus

@adrianlsmith: #agileaus @smithcdau discusses increasing technical skills of testers

@mrembach: seeing an excellent talk by @smithcdau at the qualityInn #agileaus

@vivierose: Everyone likes to be seen as valuing quality, just like they love kittens, but it’s the 1st thing to be dumped #agileaus @smithcdau

@stephlouisesays: #agileaus loving @smithcdau challenging how well we apply the manifesto to testing. Card wall stages look remarkably like a waterfall… Hmm

@adrianlsmith: #agileaus @smithcdau applies agile manifesto to testing practices – great analogies

@AgileRenee: @smithcdau use the quality assessment tool now avail on the @AgileAcademywebsite

@stephlouisesays: #agileaus acceptance test development = specification by example… Beats heavy documentation any day @smithcdau

@timechanter: Fabulous presentation by Craig smith on agile testing. Liking the specification by example stuff. #agileaus

@stephlouisesays: #agileaus awesome session by @smithcdau quality and testing – relevant content, interesting slides (love the pics!) and fab speaker #newfave

@SMRobson: #agileaus @craigsmith finally!! Well done!

@AgileAcademy: 150+ watching great talk by @smithcdau on Valuing testing & quality in Agile teams. Terrific energy & passion. #agileaus #yam

@AgileAcademy: A tester is like Robocop – part man/woman; part machine but all tester! @smithcdau #agileaus #testing #quality #yam

@AgileAcademy: Thanks for the mention about the Agile Quality Practices sheet on our website. @smithcdau #agileaus #yam

@seat_paul: #agileaus very good talk by Craig smith. As he says testers can be very cool!!

@mrembach: @smithcdau great talk Craig. Lots of take-aways

@smamol: Really cool #agileauspresso – beautiful slides: The Speed to Cool – Valuing Testing in Agile Teams #in


5 thoughts on “Agile Australia 2011: The Speed to Cool – Valuing Testing & Quality in Agile Teams

  1. “The Speed to Cool” was a fantastic presentation, thanks so much Craig. I’m still having trouble tracking down the “quality assessment tool” you mentioned.
    Thanks again.

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