Brisbane Scrum User Group: Agile Tool Hacking – Taking Your Agile Development To The Next Level

Brisbane Scrum User GroupI volunteered to give the Agile Tool Hacking talk from Agile 2009 to the Brisbane Scrum User Group. The slides are available on SlideShare. I also understand there may have been videoed but have not seen it posted anywhere at this stage.

Feedback from some of the attendees was very positive, thanks everybody for your kind comments!

  • “ A fantastic talk by Craig Smith of Suncorp, and a great bunch of guys. ”
  • “ Great session on the subject and very comprehensive ”
  • “ It was a good talk, giving people a range of different tools and understanding of what goes to make up good practice. Obviously it had to be quick and Craig managed to fit this in as best he could. Would love to have a retro on this talk at the next meet ”
  • “ The presentation was excellent. It was useful for ones with minimal knowledge on Scrum or Agile or the Scrum Masters. ”
  • “Craig offered a great deal of useful information – Excellent speaker ”

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