The ‘X’ Model of Engagement

The "X" Model of EngagementI came across the ‘X’ Model of Engagement video today from BlessingWhite, which is well worth the 7 minute investment.

It demonstrates a good model for engagement, defining the roles as hamsters, crash and burners, the engaged, the disengaged, and the almost engaged. Full engagement is the intersection of the maximum contribution for the organisation and maximum satisfaction for the individual. The video makes a good point that because the “almost engaged” are good performers and a large proportion of the organisation, it is tempting to focus your coaching effort on the other areas that are far more disengaged.

It also has a good model to follow so that engagement happens all the time (not just a survey or once a year thing). Employees need to ACT (Assess, Coommunicate and Take Action), Managers need to CARE (Coach, Align, Recognise and Engage) and Executives need to CASE (Communicate, Authentic, Significance and Excitement).


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