Agile Australia 2010: Building an A-Team – I Love It When A Team Comes Together

Agile Australia 2010My presentation from Agile Australia 2010 called “Building an A-Team – I Love It When A Team Comes Together” is available on SlideShare.

High performing teams are something that all organisations aspire to, but how exactly do you turn a team from good to great? There is much discussion in the community about management versus leadership, working in a factory versus embracing a tribe and how to motivate a new generation of employees. In this presentation we will look at these topics and determine what makes a high performing team, how Agile techniques can help, what tools and techniques you can use to create this environment and how you can measure performance.

Some of the comments on Twitter included:

@benarnott: Get back to the basics, remember why we are here, we are here to deliver quality software – @smithcdau #agileaus

@benarnott: #agileaus Some of the best company’s have thrown out performance reviews – @smithcdau Sign me up!

@benarnott:#agileaus @smithcdau is talking about Fedex days, Google days and Hackathons… I like to call them “Scratch an itch day”

@benarnott:#agileaus Leaders aren’t just PMs and Mangers, they are anyone with the skills and the passion like @renemaslen on BQI – @smithcdau

@benarnott:#agileaus I don’t want to be good, I want to be awesome! – @smithcdau

@benarnott:#agileaus in the overflowing room with @smithcdau talking the A-Team

@nickmuldoon: @smithcdau talking about the A team right now. Standing room only. #agileaus awesome!

@janevlahos: @smithdcau software development pays better than gardening #agileaus


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