Barcamp Brisbane III: The Search For Flock Wrapup

Barcamp BrisbaneHere is my better late than never wrapup of Barcamp Brisbane III (held last weekend at the East Brisbane Bowls Club), a worthwhile meetup of locals willing to share their skills with others.

Discussion at Barcamp Brisbane III

Discussion at Barcamp Brisbane III

From the lightning talks that I attended:

Speed Intro

A new concept was the speed introductions, one minute to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know. Worked quite well, met a bunch of new people and got a good vibe of the different passions of the attendees.

Favourite Cloud Applications

Session presented by Michael Rees.

None of the applications were particularly new to me, but these were my takeaways for more of a look:

  • Gliffy – online diagram and flowchart editor
  • Slideshare – for uploading of presentations
  • Prezi – requires Flash, but is a big space to show text and is a new and interesting way to show presentations
  • Delicious – not new, but Michael uses it as a home page
  • – from the guys that brought us the wayback machine, they have a service that allows you to upload audio and video maintaining the original resolution (although the upload is quite slow apparently)
  • Evernote – I have used OneNote for convenience of late, but a place to store and search for notes on multiple platforms and phones, this is a service that Michael pays for as well
  • Online Storage – LiveMesh is a favourite, gives you 5GB that syncs anywhere. He also mentioned Live Sync P2P, SkyDrive and Amazon S3

Introduction to Git

Attended two sessions on Git, a discussion and then an online overview.

  • A local repository, distributed
  • Competitors are Mercurial and Bazaar
  • Git is not as good on Windows environments right now
  • Github uses for public hosting
  • Gitgui is a an interface to Git, amongst many others

This is certainly the next generation of version control, but I have concerns on how to get this working in the enterprise especially since I have enough trouble convincing people to commit let alone to commit often. Can see its potential for open source and independent or small developers however.

Groovy, Griffon & Grails

Paul King and Bob Brown gave a good introduction to the G3 technologies. I was especially interested in Griffon, since I hadn’t spent any time looking at it previously.

Government 2.0

Was interested to listen into the discussion about PublicSphere / Government 2.0 by Des Walsh, and the opportunities it may present. Des has posted a more in-depth post here:

Drupal Hosting

Discussion about Drupal Hosting:

  • Open Atrium – intranet website incorporating wiki, forum, internal-twitter – theme around existing modules
  • Aegir – Drupal Hosting System
  • Suspect that much like Linux, we will see many distributions in future
  • Acquia are the Red Hat of the Drupal world
  • Drupal 7 has gone full TDD with 80% coverage

Fish Shell

An online demonstration of the Fish Shell, which can be best described as a shell that adds a bunch of added functionality to bash, such as better history and visualisations.


A good way to get a launch into some new and interesting technologies and meet some new people. There is apparently another planned before the end of the year.


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