Effective Collaboration Using Social Media

YammerOver the last year, I have been engaged with a team of like minded peers with an aim to improving collaboration within our organisation. This journey has involved in-depth discussions around tools, processes and culture and whilst we made some headway, as always, there is still much to do.

My colleague, Rebecca Deering, has been the glue holding this initiative together, and she gave a talk at the Ark Group’s 7th Annual Internal Communication Forum this week in Melbourne on “Effective Collaboration Using Social Media”, detailing our journey thus far and our plans for the future.  It seems the session was very well received and gave us the initiative to keep charging forward as we are leading a number of our competitors and peers in this area.

Ark Group’s 7th Annual Internal Communication Forum

You can see the presentation here: http://prezi.com/ylbqqzwxd7vx/2010-ark-group-presentation_suncorp-metway/


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