Hot 30 with Matty – 20 May 2022

This episode of the Hot 30 is dedicated to the memory of our colleague and friend Jon Mustchin. Jon was a dedicated volunteer and supporter of numerous community radio stations, particularly Switch Brisbane where many of the Hot 30 team worked with him over many years. We send our thoughts to his friends and family. 

The Hot 30 with Matty, counting down the hottest 30 songs in Australia as voted by you.

  • Craig Smith with your entertainment news and the U.K. Top 5
  • Steve R’s Hit Pick
  • The Juice Media
  • Richard Tucker with the U.S. Top 5
  • Your requests and shout outs
  • 1800 646 376
  • @hot30oz
  • Then….. The Hot 30 After Party

Heard Coast to Coast on over 100 stations in Australia and around the world.


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