Hot 30 with Matty presented by Craig – 2 July 2021

I was honoured to be asked by Matty to take over hosting of the show while he is on holiday. I now appreciate how much effort goes into building and producing the show! This week I took over the entire production on my own.

The Hot 30 with Matty presented by Craig, counting down the hottest 30 songs in Australia as voted by you.

  • Dan Parfitt with your entertainment news and the U.K. Top 5
  • Steve Rickertt’s Hit Pick
  • The Juice Media
  • Richard Tucker with the U.S. Top 5
  • Your requests and shout outs
  • 1800 646 376
  • @hot30oz

Heard Coast to Coast on over 65 stations in Australia and 25+ around the world.


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