OSDC 2009 Day 3 Wrapup

Day 3 of the OSDC conference, I presented two sessions on Agile (with Paul King) and Data Migration, so preparations and organisation got in the way of attending and as many sessions as I would have liked. Here are my notes from the sessions I attended.

Keynote – Google Wave

Dhanji Prasanna presented the keynote, here are my notes from the session:

  • answer to question “what would email look like if it was invented today?”
  • not just about text, about structured content
  • gadgets – state is stored in the wave (eg. using maps)
  • can exchange waves across different wave servers using federation
  • keep data you own on your own wave server, put you collaboration on the public wave server
  • robot participants are first class participants
  • spelling robot corrects spelling in context, and runs server side (Spelly), Linky does similar for links
  • use open source tools like Guava libraries, Guice, WebDriver, GWT, OpenJDK
  • all of Wave will be open sourced, including the client
  • can play with the reference implementation right now

Experiences From Agile Projects Great & Small

The session I presented with Paul King had a good crowd in the main auditorium. The slides are available in a separate post.

Experiences from Agile Projects Great & Small

“Change Bad!” – Change in Database Schemas and Source Code

Andy Todd delivered this session, here are my notes:

  • “Data matures like wine, applications like fish”
  • What changes – tables, views, stored procedures
  • could put DDL in version control – not same as database object
  • could put database independent model in version control – representation only
  • database = DDL + data + implementation
  • could store complete DDL for each scheme version – lots of work for DBA
  • could store complete initial DDL & subsequent deltas
  • could store complete DDL for every version and subsequent deltas
  • don’t forget about reference data and schema (user) creation scripts and store in version control
  • even if scripts are in version control, you should still have a backup
  • secret to success is testing – should be like code and have unit tests and be automated
  • hard to rollback
  • every migration should maintain data integrity
  • pioneering work by Scott Ambler – Database Refactoring
  • high availability is a different kettle of fish – all of the above is invalid
  • need to think about how you version control your database structures, different to how you manage source code

Data Migration In An Agile Open Source World

The session I presented had a decent crowd. The slides are available in a separate post.

Lightning Talks

Open Source Game in 5 Minutes


  • working with multiple distinct libraries in Perl
  • integrates with CPAN, etc…
  • virtualenv in Python does the same type of thing
  • cloning this for Perl, available on github


  • no Perl implementation for ExtJS, so wrote Ext.Direct
  • similar ports for a lot of different languages

OSIA (Open Source Industry Association)

  • local industry association for open source
  • $50 to join
  • numbers used to give to government


  • for geeks dealing with depression

Locknote – Open Source in Government

Pia Waugh delivered this keynote, my notes are as follows:

OSDC 2009 - Day 3 - 40


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