Confluence: How To Move A Page Or A Group Of Pages In Confluence

Moving a set of pages in Confluence is extremely easy but not the most obvious function to find (until you know where it is), and is a common support question. Any user with edit access can do this. The steps are as follows:

  • Navigate to the page you wish to move (this will also move all of this pages child pages)
  • Click the Edit tab
Confluence Screenshot

Confluence Screenshot

  • Underneath the page title there is Location label with the location of the page and a highlighted word EDIT next to it. Click the word EDIT.
Confluence Screenshot

Confluence Screenshot

  • A box will drop down allowing you to change the space and the parent page. If you know the name of the parent page you can type it in, or click the icon next to this field to select from some options. You can also choose here whether to move all of the child pages as well.*
Confluence Screenshot

Confluence Screenshot

  • If you use the Choose Page view, you can choose the page from a number of views. A hint here is sometimes the search can be a bit frustrating, so if you view or edit the page you wish to change just before starting this process, it will show up in the History or Recently Modified tab.
Confluence Screenshot

Confluence Screenshot

  • Click Save and your page (and, by default, it’s children) will be moved.
  • Check the links at the top of the page to confirm your page is moved.
Confluence Screenshot

Confluence Screenshot

One last hint, if you wish to move your page to the home page of the space, in most cases this is called Home by default.

Don’t forget the Confluence online help is always extremely helpful at:

(for Confluence 2.x)


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