Episode 21: YOW Developer Conference Wrap Up

The Agile Revolution Podcast

YOW! 2011Craig and Renee wrap up the YOW! Developer Conference and discuss the geek aspects of it and then how some of the conference related to Agile.

As a side note we plugged two other podcasts, Coding By Numbers, who were also at YOW and did a little bit more of a developer focus on the conference, and a plug for Agile NYC.

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Episode 20: Lean Start-ups with Joshua Kerievsky

The Agile Revolution Podcast

Joshua KerievskyJoshua Kerievsky, founder of Industrial Logic spends time with Craig and Renee going through some of his elements of his Lean Start-up presentation at the YOW! Developer Conference in Brisbane.

Within this podcast we learn what exactly a Lean Start-up is and how it isn’t just for new entrepreneurs.

In addition to the Lean Start-up presentation Josh also did a fantastic presentation on the Limited Red Society which focuses on using metrics and visualisation of these to behaviourally change a developer so that their tests pass sooner and more often with less compilation errors.

Other than being an early pioneer in eXtreme Programming, he is also the author of the best-selling Refactoring to Patterns book and provides Agile training from an amazing technical depth of experience.

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Episode 19: Luna Tractor with Nigel Dalton

The Agile Revolution Podcast

Nigel DaltonNigel Dalton from Luna Tractor in Melbourne gives us the low down of his presentation from the YOW! Developer Conference in Brisbane.

A brief summary of the discussions include

  • how Agile was at play in the aerospace and military world since World War II
  • business strategies and how Agile can help us rapidly adapt to commercial changes
  • Lonely Planet‘s agile journey including it not just being for software development
  • fail quickly, be safe to fail
  • for agile to grow further we need to focus less on commercialising or packaging it tightly into a box
  • culture and behavioural habits
  • consulting in Agile
  • developers working in harmony and a focus on strong collaboration with the business; and team sizes
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