Episode 66: Agile Coaching with Lyssa Adkins and Michael Spayd

The Agile Revolution Podcast

Michael-Craig-LyssaAt YOW 2013 in Sydney, Craig, Renee and Jeremie Benazra catch up with Lyssa Adkins, author of “Coaching Agile Teams” and Michael Spayd, both Agile Coaches at the Agile Coaching Institute and chew the fat on:

  • What is Agile?
  • Lyssa’s “Coaching Agile Teams” book
  • The difficulties in being an Agile Coach
  • The XP Coach
  • Coaching as a more mature version of leadership
  • Where professional coaching fits into Agile Coaching
  • Why Agile Coaches are sought after whereas general organisational coaching is less prevalent
  • The training of managers and its impact on mindsets
  • Michael’s “Coaching the Agile Enterprise” book
  • Team coaches vs enterprise coaches – what is the difference
  • Scrum Mastering an enterprise transformation
  • ICAgile
  • How to teach a pig to sing
  • The coaching oath of non-allegiance
  • Certified Scrum Coach versus ICAgile Coach
  • The myriad of skill sets needed as an Agile Coach
  • Agile…

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Episode 37: Sensational Sydney

The Agile Revolution Podcast

Jeremie BenazraCraig and Renee take a revolutionary tour of Sydney and speak to Jeremie Benazra and Dominic Franco about the Agile work that they are doing in Australia’s big city including Kanban, cultural differences, safety and edgy Agile.

TheAgileRevolution-37 (26 minutes)

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