Episode 173: Modern Agile (Is Not A Framework) with Joshua Kerievsky

The Agile Revolution Podcast

Craig and Tony are at YOW! Conference in Brisbane and catch up with Joshua Kerievsky, CEO of Industrial Logic and founder of Modern Agile and they talk about:

  • Episode 20: Lean Start-ups with Joshua Kerievsky
  • Industrial Logic and the Extreme Programming Playing Cards
  • If you are a consulting company and don’t have your hands dirty building a product, you are missing out – try it out on yourselves before you try it out on your customers
  • Episode 116: The Heart of Modern Agile
  • Modern Agile recognises that there are other people who are not building software who also want to be agile and want to leverage the agile and lean concepts
  • Modern Agile principles – Make People Awesome, Make Safety a Prerequisite, Experiment and Learn Rapidly and Deliver Value Continuously
  • Lightweight methods movement came out of minimalism, but now we are in the Agile Industrial Complex – Agile has…

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Three A’s of Awesome

TEDHere is a highly inspirational talk on TED from Neil Pasricha, the author the 1,000 Awesome Things website.

His three A’s of Awesome are:

  • Attitude – life never goes to plan, but whatever life deals us we need to grieve and then face the future, take baby steps and move on
  • Awareness – embrace your inner three year old and see the world as if you are seeing it for the first time
  • Authenticity – be you and be cool with it, follow your heart and put in yourself in situations that you love